Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance

Reveals a structured mind-body system for cultivating effortless action and intelligent spontaneity for peak performance

  • Details 4 fundamental habits and routines that are essential for developing peak performance and explains how to incorporate them into daily life

  • Explains the cognitive science behind the development of expert skills and how the teachings of ancient Eastern sages align with these scientific findings

 • Offers practices for cultivating physical and mental intelligence, fasting the mind, and harnessing creativity to achieve your desires

  Integrating the wisdom of the ancient sages with modern science, Jason Gregory explains how world-class artists and athletes reach peak performance–and how you, too, can harness this “lifestyle technology” to make your actions effortless, enjoy intelligent spontaneity, and reach optimal performance at a peak level. Drawing on modern cognitive science, Gregory explains dual process theory, which divides mental activity into two spheres: cold cognition, analogous with rational thought, and hot cognition, based on emotional intuition–a theory anticipated by ancient Eastern thought, especially the teachings of the Chinese sages.

  The author explains that peak performance is impossible to achieve by relying solely on cold cognition as it cuts you off from the energy reserves necessary to excel. He shows how the athletic concept of being “in the zone” is based on practices that have become energized by hot cognition and thus instinctive.

  Outlining a structured training system that blends hot and cold cognition, the author identifies four fundamental habits and routines that lay the foundation for a healthy embodied mind and mindful body and thus are essential for developing peak performance and success. He explains how these training methods are practical applications of ancient wisdom from Zen and Taoist traditions, such as wu-wei, as well as how they are supported by recent medical research. Building on the four fundamentals, he offers practices for cultivating physical and mental intelligence, fasting the mind, and harnessing creativity to achieve your desires.

  Gregory explains how, with regular practice, we can use the four fundamentals to create masterpiece days. And, as the masterpiece days compound, you build an unstoppable momentum where success is inevitable.

Praise for Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance

  “Your full potential and peak performance are within reach. With a balanced blend of science, theory, and Eastern thought, Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance lays the groundwork to help you live a satisfying and meaningful life. This book will help you discover, understand, and implement the strategies and skills you need to achieve the best possible you.”
  Corinne Zupo, Ed.S., author of From Anxiety to Love


  “Are you hot or cold? Do you react or respond? Or are you warm–a mix of both? In Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance be prepared to understand what it truly means to be ‘hot headed’ or ‘cool and collected.’ In order to be in the zone, we must be aware of what cognitive temperature we’re operating with. Jason describes the positives of both and how a blend is optimal.”
  Dr. Ben Lynch, author of Dirty Genes


  “It is often the case that we focus on ‘what’ to do in life and not ‘how’ we do it. If we wish to reach the higher levels of our chosen field, then an effective methodology is going to be needed. In this book Jason Gregory expertly breaks down the psychology, spiritual elements, and practicalities of optimizing your personal potential. In doing so, what Jason has gifted to those seeking mastery in life is an invaluable guide to the ‘how’ of approaching any given field.”
  Damo Mitchell, author of A Comprehensive Guide to Daoist Nei Gong


  “Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance is a user’s manual for optimal performance and success in anything the reader chooses to do. Herein the reader will find not only the nuts-and-bolts techniques for honing your skills, training yourself to use them for maximum efficiency, and achieving optimum performance in your chosen field but also practical applications of ancient truisms from Zen and Tao traditions that lend surprising insight into what it takes to succeed in the world today. One of this book’s strongest points is that it dispels the illusion that you can eat whatever you please, ignore the need for proper exercise, and allow television and other mass media to use your mind as a dumping ground for trivial entertainment, silly advertising, fake news, and other mental garbage and still be a successful contender in your chosen field. If you wish to succeed at anything in life, you need to train and nourish both your body and your mind to deliver peak performance on demand, any time and any place, under any and all circumstances. Jason’s new manual for worldly success outlines a practical program for proceeding to your goal step by step, inch by inch, and thereby realizing your dreams in life. That’s a good deal for the price of a book!”
  Daniel Reid, author of The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity and The Tao of Detox


  “With Jason Gregory as your guide, the reader will experience a wholesome, integral path to self-achievement. With clear language and a nononsense approach, Gregory shows us that living at our full optimal potential is also a path to inner peace. Harnessing the latest in cognitive science, sagely wisdom, and eastern philosophy, alongside his own wealth of personal experience, Gregory leads you through the ways of nourishing the self in our everyday lives, with creativity and intelligence. This book asks us to transform and to trust in our inmost nature, with sincerity. Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance is a breath of sanity much needed in our present times.”
  Kingsley L. Dennis, Ph.D., author of The Sacred Revival


  “The secret to good writing is having something worthwhile to say, and Jason Gregory delivers again in Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance. His book is rich with ideas that are not only intellectually intriguing but compelling lessons to be applied in daily life.”
  Dana Sawyer, professor of religion and philosophy at the Maine College of Art


  “In Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance Gregory helps you maximize your ability to be all of yourself, addressing the idea of peak performance but including inner peace and joy as a huge part of that. As usual, he demonstrates a wide range of knowledge and wisdom–and a nicely integrated left- and right-brained approach. An optimal life experience integrates skillful perception and action at all levels of the self, and with this book you’ll find practices for every aspect of consciousness.”
  Penney Peirce, author of TransparencyLeap of Perceptionand Frequency

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Published by Inner Traditions, June 16, 2020.


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