With over a decade of experience teaching Eastern philosophy/spirituality and traveling all throughout Asia, I am here to assist you in expanding your knowledge of Eastern philosophy/spirituality and their meditative practices. My aim is to enrich your understanding to allow your life to thrive.

​  Consultation services are also available to those looking to travel or permanently relocate to Asia to retire or work remotely. This includes helping you decide what area of Asia is best for you, how to find a real estate agent, information on Visa options, and more.

​  Part of my consultation service is content production. For over a decade, I have been an author and in the last few years the Jason Gregory YouTube Channel has reached a wider audience and continues to grow. With my years of experience in content production, I offer consultation services to assist you in becoming a successful writer or YouTuber.

$180 USD per session


  Video Sponsorships are a great way for a company to increase its reach in order to develop stronger brand recognition, increase its audience, gain more followers on its own social media networks and most importantly, generate more leads or sales. This is a cost-effective way for hundred of thousands to millions of people to hear your message.

Starting at $1,000 USD per video


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