In this episode of Enlightenment Today we will explore the philosophy and wisdom of the Taoist sage Chuang-tzu. We will go into the depth of Chuang-tzu’s philosophy and explain its relevance for the modern world. The philosophy of Chuang-tzu reveals a latent wisdom found within the embodied skill of a craftsman. Their embodied skill is a metaphor about how to live our lives effortlessly every day with a mind of no deliberation. We will explain Chuang-tzu’s ultimate method of ‘fasting the mind’ which is a strategy to bring about this natural state of an effortless mind which writers, painters, musicians, athletes, martial artists and so on, all try to embody. Though, the wisdom of Chuang-tzu is to take that state of consciousness out of the craft and transfer it over to every moment in life.


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