Cosmic Dance

Cosmic Dance

The way we perceive power and strength in this world is beginning to change. For thousands of years we have viewed strength and power in the physical sense which is one of the reasons why our world has been constantly dominated by men, but this view of reality is seen with blurry vision. If strength and power is truly in the physical presence then why is our world in a state of fragility? If this was true then wouldn’t we be on an upscale of evolution instead of a process of going in circles? Explanations for this are many but one big part of this cosmic puzzle is that most beings on this Earth are only embracing the masculine side of their consciousness which is an active principle and if not counterbalanced by the feminine which is a passive principle, then destruction will eventuate. We are not just talking about the physical characteristics when we speak of masculine and feminine principles, because we are actually speaking of energetic principles that are inherent within all sentient life on all levels of consciousness from physical, mental and spiritual. When both energetic principles are in union with each other, we have a creative force that not only evolves the individual but also the race. At this point in time we see the domination of the active principle, but what a lot of people are seeing and feeling is that the feminine energy in this universe is rising and changing the way we perceive strength and power.

The greatest knowledge of these principles is in the esoteric teachings of the ancients. In fact a lot of these teachings can be traced back to Thoth of Egypt and Hermes Trismegistus of Greece who are hypothesized to be one and the same God. Hermes/Thoth expounded to their disciples the seven Hermetic principles or laws which govern the universe. We are not going to discuss the seven laws but we are going to concentrate on the seventh law which is the Law of Gender. In Hermes teachings or what is better known as “Hermetic Philosophy” it states the following regarding the Law of Gender, “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine principles; Gender manifests on all planes.” This axiom needs to be understood before we can move on. The Law of Gender illustrates that within all humans there are both masculine and feminine elements and when both are in union it manifests as a creative force. So on the physical plane this creative force is sex, but as the law stated, this force manifests on all planes which includes the mental and spiritual planes. Two simple examples within these planes is first a thought which is a masculine principle and a feeling that is a feminine principle in perfect harmony give birth to a true thought form. Second example is free/cosmic will which is the masculine and the desire and imagination which is feminine arouses the free/cosmic will. So once again if both are in harmony with one another then we have true action. These are just a few examples to demonstrate how important it is to understand how these two principles create on all planes of existence. Now some may say that there are more than three planes of consciousness, but we are just using the Hermetic teachings as a reference point. With all this said we can see now that yes our world is dominated by the masculine principle but we can also see that the feminine is making a return.

We come back now to strength and power. As we said in our world strength and power is usually acknowledged in the physical realm, but is this truly strength and power? The answer is no because all that is happening is the men and women of today are sublimating all their energy into the physical appearance which is analogous to an animalistic instinctual mind. This implies not strength and power but weakness and insecurity. This is a reflection of the masculine principle, without the existence of the feminine. The pendulum of life is beginning its backswing though, and the feminine principle is being realized which is evident in the world today. We see both men and women undergoing amazing changes not in the physical world, but the world within. The feminine is slowly but surely being born within both sexes. As the feminine is becoming more apparent our perception of strength and power is being altered. Instead of seeing strength and power in being macho and winning fights and arguments, we see that true strength and power is in the ability to surrender in a fight or argument because those who can surrender know they are not their beliefs, so they have no concept to violently defend. They are sovereign over their mind.

Those who still only embrace the masculine find it quite perplexing how someone could just surrender in a confrontation. The reason being because for those who have only the masculine switched on view the world through the eyes of their own individual ego. In this case of only being the active principle, majority of the population take what they want from the world to further perpetuate their individual belief systems. This directly corresponds with the way we treat our Earth like a drinks stop in a marathon, which is the result of an unconscious population. Our Earth is a direct reflection of the current state of mind because in its hyper activity we are like the worker bees but instead of building our hive we are destroying it. This is the extreme polarity of the masculine energy. Yet not only are we destroying our hive, we are also killing each other. We only have to look at the useless wars, violent sports, movies and television programs where we see the audience baying for blood like an animal. Once again this is the result of the extreme polarity of the masculine. It is the dominate energy of the age and in being the dominate energy for those who have not felt the elegant touch of the feminine cannot comprehend one who has felt her grace.

The beauty of her divine touch is beginning to resurface within the consciousness of today. The feminine is pulling the masculine into line. Like we mentioned earlier, many beings out there are finding it increasingly easy to sacrifice their own ego which confuses another bound by their own dogma. As this universal energy continues to rise within sentient beings, the grace of her presence is bringing about an equilibrium into the psyche which manifests as surrender. From here the essence of surrender is compassion and forgiveness. Two passive qualities which are erroneously perceived as weak to the masculine dominated people. We have gone full circle and now we are back to how we view strength and power. For those who have been humbled by the elegance of the feminine energy and live from that balanced union can see that in truth compassion and forgiveness which are emanations of love are the real strength and power. The illusion of strength and power is in our society where we believe physical dominance is strength and power, yet it cannot be because this comes from the animalistic mode of self-preservation which is an aspect of fear. Thus our current mode of perception is not one of strength and power, but one of weakness and mental slavery. Ask yourself this, when you are in disagreement with another, what is more difficult to do, try and continue to win the argument? Or surrender and offer them only forgiveness? We all know the answer to this and power lies in its truth. From a balanced consciousness love is strength, power and our natural state beyond our mental conditioning. We always hear people say love is light, so let’s look at it this way. Let us examine a light bulb, a light bulb has both positive and negative charges and if both do not fire then we have a state of darkness, but if both fire in unison then we have light which illuminates the beauty and wonder of our world. There is power and strength in light when both energies of the universe are in unity, and this is becoming apparent in both the male and female humans, especially men. We are seeing men in this world slowly becoming more placid and understanding of others instead of trying to be superior. Females on the other end of the spectrum are rediscovering that nurturing motherly principle which men lack, but with the resurrection of the feminine, it will bring a more harmonious relationship between the physical properties of these two energies and much more.

The rebirth of the universal feminine is upon us. For those who feel it, welcome it and become that balance point and walk the middle path in a world of apparent opposites. And to those who do not feel it as yet, don’t be afraid because you will feel it in time for this is a natural ebb and flow of universal energy which manifests on all planes. We are all students in the Absolute’s school of the universe and we are about to attend our cosmic prom night where we are beginning to understand that a dance is not complete without the opposite. So as we enter the universe’s dance floor and the awareness of the feminine welcome’s our consciousness we need to step away from fear and gain the courage to ask her divine grace politely, “Can I have this dance Madame?”

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Insight Magazine Australia

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  1. Karen Bratton - June 5, 2013

    I am in love with this article,Jason ! You have such a way of putting the message in words that touch my heart! Thank you,Jason<3

  2. Sharon Ludwig - June 3, 2013

    effortless to say something nice; thank you for this expression. i am living this unfolding in an open seeing humbling space. there is such gratitude in my heart as these truths have been patiently resting in this soul for all of my years. perfectly expressed…namaste. sharon.

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