Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance | Book Trailer

This is the official book trailer for my new book Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance. I know it may seem a little odd to speak about myself in the third person in the trailer, but this book trailer is for commercial use also and not just for YouTube. My new book was published June 16 and is available now with some amazing deals at this link https://amzn.to/2oZZdFm Below is the synopsis for my new book:

Reveals a structured mind-body system for cultivating effortless action and intelligent spontaneity for peak performance

• Details 4 fundamental habits and routines that are essential for developing peak performance and explains how to incorporate them into daily life

• Explains the cognitive science behind the development of expert skills and how the teachings of ancient Eastern sages align with these scientific findings

• Offers practices for cultivating physical and mental intelligence, fasting the mind, and harnessing creativity to achieve your desires

Integrating the wisdom of the ancient sages with modern science, Jason Gregory explains how world-class artists and athletes reach peak performance–and how you, too, can harness this “lifestyle technology” to make your actions effortless, enjoy intelligent spontaneity, and reach optimal performance at a peak level. Drawing on modern cognitive science, Gregory explains dual process theory, which divides mental activity into two spheres: cold cognition, analogous with rational thought, and hot cognition, based on emotional intuition–a theory anticipated by ancient Eastern thought, especially the teachings of the Chinese sages. The author explains that peak performance is impossible to achieve by relying solely on cold cognition as it cuts you off from the energy reserves necessary to excel. He shows how the athletic concept of being “in the zone” is based on practices that have become energized by hot cognition and thus instinctive.

Outlining a structured training system that blends hot and cold cognition, the author identifies four fundamental habits and routines that lay the foundation for a healthy embodied mind and mindful body and thus are essential for developing peak performance and success. He explains how these training methods are practical applications of ancient wisdom from Zen and Taoist traditions, such as wu-wei, as well as how they are supported by recent medical research. Building on the four fundamentals, he offers practices for cultivating physical and mental intelligence, fasting the mind, and harnessing creativity to achieve your desires.

Gregory explains how, with regular practice, we can use the four fundamentals to create masterpiece days. And, as the masterpiece days compound, you build an unstoppable momentum where success is inevitable.

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