God is No King

In this episode of Enlightenment Today we will explore the monarchical view of the universe. In the West there is a deep-seated belief that God is a ruler, lord, and king. This view influences our view of life in general and ultimately separates the individual from the essence of the universe. It doesn’t matter whether you are atheist, religious, or spiritual, this view effects us in ways we don’t realize. I explain in this episode how the idea of God as a ruler is built on a political analogy of the universe originating from ancient rulers who tried to lord it over their people, which ultimately influenced the view of Western religions. The Eastern view of divinity is diametrically opposed to the monarchical view. The Eastern view is more related to nature and is a holistic view of the individual as one with the universe. This episode explores both views and ultimately dispels the illusion of the monarchical view of the universe.


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