Mental Health Issues in Spirituality

In this episode of Enlightenment Today, I will speak about mental health issues in spirituality. To speak about mental health in relation to spirituality may appear contradictory. But there are a growing number of cases where people have experienced the effects of mental health, including depression, chronic anxiety and stress, schizophrenia, and even suicide in some extreme cases. This has been exponentially growing because of the misinterpretation of ancient knowledge by self-styled teachers who themselves are not trained in a particular tradition. This lack of training and lack of comprehension is best showcased in the number of neo-Advaita teachers that have come forth in recent decades, especially in the West, who butcher the teachings of Ramana Maharshi because they have no traditional training in the actual tradition of Advaita Vedanta. But this phenomenon of mental health in spirituality is not isolated to Advaita Vedanata because it extends to the modern followers of many great ancient traditions. In this episode, I will explain how to discern if the path you are on is genuine and also the way to avoid such traps that may lead one to mental health problems.

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