Spirituality Does Not Need Science (Sadhguru is wrong)

In this episode of Enlightenment Today I will speak about how the great spiritual traditions of the East are complete systems in and of themselves without any need for a validation from modern science. Influential teachers such as Sadhguru and the Dalai Lama sing praise about their ancient knowledge because science is now validating the ancient spiritual knowledge of Eastern spirituality, as if this now validates thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom on the nature of the universe and consciousness. But Eastern spirituality has their own systems of thought (especially ancient Indian knowledge) that have no need for science because it has its own system of thought based on materialism. And it is ironic that science is actually now turning to Eastern thought for a deeper understanding of the universe and the nature of consciousness. Ancient Eastern knowledge is far ahead of science in regards to the nature of the universe, mind, consciousness, and the mystery of pure awareness which is an experiential discovery of many Eastern spiritual traditions.

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