Taoism’s Critique of Virtue Signaling and Identity Politics

In a world growing overly sensitive and overly serious about every little thing due to political correctness being forced on the innocent minds of the masses, virtue signaling and weaponizing identity becomes a new tool to create artificial divides among humanity. But this is nothing new. 2,500 years ago during the Warring States period of China, Lao-tzu had to also deal with the politically correct insanity that gave rise to Confucianism. Hence, Lao-tzu left society because common sense and being humble had declined and were eventually replaced with verbal and physical posturing (virtue signaling). In this episode of Ask Jason, I will answer a concern that many people on the spiritual path have, does virtue signaling and identity politics have a place in Eastern spirituality considering the core principle of the East is to dissolve the identity that is full of beliefs and opinions built on the illusion of separation?

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