The Natural Human: Becoming Who You Were Born To Be

The Natural Human is the second film in a series based on my Effortless Living audiobook. In this film I explore what it truly means for a human to be as nature intended us to be, essentially embodying the naturalness we all have within, with no external form of governance needed. The order and pattern of nature is not a forced order, as nature is not bound by external influence or control. The Taoist term for nature is the Chinese tzu-jan (ziran), which means that which is spontaneously of itself. When a natural organism is in harmony with all life, it grows of itself spontaneously. Tzu-jan can only arise of itself without external compulsion. Tzu-jan is the essence of the yoking process found within the spiritual core of many religions, and especially in the origins of Chinese and Indian wisdom. When we withdraw from our conditioned perception of reality, we come back into nature and grow spontaneously in harmony with all other components of life. What would happen if we let go of control? When we leave the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms alone, they continue to grow and prosper without any interference. What would happen, then, if we left people alone?

Effortless Living Audiobook

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