The Next Stage of Human Evolution

In this podcast, we will explain the next evolution of human consciousness, essentially the great opportunity it is to be human. The Eastern spiritual traditions have always guided us towards this next evolution, but we’ve designed a world where we are exponentially forgetting the sacred due to our habit of succumbing to our animal past that locks us in a psychological state of fear, where status, fame, wealth, security, and protection are the highest priorities. But always in the background are the symbols, texts, and sages of the mystical traditions pointing us to the source of all existence that transcends all life but is also immanent within all life. Something within us is always gently whispering, “Do you remember? Why do you exist?” The evolution of consciousness is a remembering process and a turning away from the forgetting process of Samsara. But what are we trying to remember? The answer to this question is imperative to understand for the next stage of human evolution to take place.

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  1. Mike Beitler - January 3, 2021

    Jason this is a good topic for the start of 2021. Happy New Year brother! Mike

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