The Space Between (2010)

The Space Between 3

How do we close the gap? The gap that we believe exists between you and I. What would it take for humanity to acknowledge space in a higher sense? We have all learned from birth that the space between you and me, the planets and throughout the universe is just emptiness, nothing. But is all this space truly empty, or is there a deeper understanding? What is the space between?

When we see external objects, animals, people, etc., we just perceive the forms and not the formless. We will look into the eyes of another and only recognize the person, but could you ever look into the eyes of another without the formless, the space? These ways of thinking should be fundamental in our educational system, yet it is foreign to especially the western mindset. The reason why is because the western model of education is only interested in boosting and perpetuating ones ego. If we are from childhood blindly educated to believe we are separate from everything else, then we uphold this false system of thought until the day we die. This is why we cannot truly contemplate what the space between is. We are all raised into a Darwinian mode of consciousness, where we are made to believe that this is a dog eat dog world, where only the strong survive. So the Darwin model which society is built on today only develops the false-ego. It enforces a false belief of separation, so we continue to see ourselves as isolated human beings. Understanding the gap between you and I is not even a relevant question in the Darwinian world, because if we look into the space between, we will shatter the world of limitations and separateness which binds us to our false-ego.

When one looks into the space between, we come to a phrase which is thrown around a lot these days. The phrase of “We are one.” When most people hear this, they do not truly understand what is meant by “We are one.” Some try to comprehend this unity in a logical sense and others begin to go deeper. The mundane view of being all one is that we are one with each other on Earth. We see the same sky and we breathe the same air. Then on a deeper level people begin to understand that we all came from an energetic charge that created the universe, which we now know as “the big bang.” Knowledge of this gives us the understanding that we are all energetically connected as one, thus we are energy. Usually when this is taken onboard it will reveal the true nature of this phrase, “We are one.” The true meaning of “We are one” is that we are actually one. You are me and I am you, there is no separation between you and I. The reason we are each other is because what drives this energetic connection between all things that create the physical universe is consciousness. Consciousness is the fundamental principle of the universe. This foundation of all life is what truly connects us as one. A lot of ancient sages, shamans, yogis, philosophers and psychologists have always known we are one mind. That is the truth; we are one consciousness living a dualistic experience. The evidence of this conscious connection is everywhere for those with open eyes to see.

Most of the time people discount events in their everyday life which are synchronistic. People usually believe such events are just a coincidence, but there is actually no such thing as a coincidence because everything is a synchronicity through our one consciousness. These are basic understandings for a clairvoyant, mystic and psychic, and it also explains telepathy, because for those who are telepathic never ignore the feelings they get inside. Majority of us ignore these feelings and pass them off as erroneous thoughts. But these feelings are the language which resonates within all sentient life. This is why when we see an animal or person being harmed we feel that pain but it is also the joy we feel from everything in all life. These feelings cannot be described by the eyes that see, because it is a feeling within, not a visual experience. As we further the understanding of our unity, we see that it is not the distance between our physical world where we feel such pain or pleasure, but it is in the space between.

If we are one then how can we describe the space between physical matter? When the intellectual mind/ego minded person hears such a statement, they begin to over analyze and rationalize the simplicity that is there before them. This is because their perception of life is conditioned with the western model of science. With their intellect getting in the way, they will say, “Well the space between you and I is air which is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and minute amounts of other gases that surrounds the Earth and form its atmosphere.” So once again we over simplify anything to try and justify our separate individual ego. Our false separate view of reality is why the world is in a state of unrest. Our molded educated mind only sees a world apart, so it attacks. By not giving any deeper meaning to the space between, we see it as air, as nothing, so we blindly believe that we are a stranger to our environment.

The separate stranger who believes they walk alone in this world will consciously perpetuate a world divided. All nations, religions, races and sexes who believe they are separate will continue to exist, because the gap between all things is judged as nothing. Yet how could we exist without the space between?

The gap you see between people and all life is an illusion. This space has fooled us into believing that we are on our own in this world, so we remain frightened of everything else. In the west we choose hate and judgment instead of understanding. But in the eastern traditions, the space is understood more intuitively. A lot of eastern thought explains how our world is like a net which is interconnected with everything having a cause and effect and not only on Earth but throughout the entire universe. This simple explanation shows that everything in nature is interdependent. One cannot live without the other, just like a spider cannot survive without the fly. We also cannot survive without each other and the nature the Earth provides. These are very exoteric understandings of eastern wisdom, yet they are very simple for anyone to comprehend.

The deeper esoteric understanding of eastern wisdom is directed at the space between. British philosopher Alan Watts most eloquently described space by reversing the age old phrase of, “You can’t get something from nothing”, when he stated, “You can’t have something without nothing.” So everything exists within the world from nothing, not the other way around. For those who do not follow, there is a more profound way to explain this. Just ask yourself this very simple question, “Where would I be without the space between?” Think about it, where would you be? Whose eyes would you see through? Could you comb your hair in the mirror? You would be me and I would be you, and we would be everything. These deep understandings reveal two revelations, the first being we would all be one being without the space, and secondly the space between all things is not nothing at all, it is actually the powerful essence behind everything we see, feel and touch. Its power is what connects all things.

We are connected through this space and we are also space. The space that we see between all life exists within us. When we go into meditation or when we have immense clarity of mind through self-enquiry and self-reflection, a profound indescribable space opens up from within. Our consciousness expands and syncs in with the space between. This space found within gives us a feeling so pure that only joy resides there. So the truth within this space is joy, pure loving bliss. This is not only the truth found in the space within, but it is also the truth of the gap between you and I. Herein lays the essence of the space between.

As we know consciousness is the foundation of the universe, so what is within consciousness is manifested into the physical world we see. The space then that exists within must be the same that is viewed without. The joy we feel from the space within should reflect into the space between all life. This is truly what the space between is, it is pure joy, pure love and unity. If we understand this then the illusion of separation will cease to exist. We would realign with the space which will crush all illusions. If we can all close this gap, then the joy we experience from the space within us will be expressed into the external world.

But sometimes the truth can be cruel, because we need to realize that all of these ideas and concepts we believe who we are, are in fact not us at all. They are only illusions learned from a society and system that cannot comprehend the space between. We are not a solid being separate from each other through space. How could we be if the space of joy is found within? If this joy within is expressed between all life then we have been fooled into believing we are these labels and beliefs we attach to ourselves. Joy is not found in separation like space is not found in separation. We are joy and we are space, not separate but as one. Everything that you do to strengthen this false separation you are not. You are not your country, you are not your religion, you are not your race, you are not your sex and you are not your status within society. You are infinite space and you are also the space between.

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