The Taoist Story of Robber Zhi and Confucius | SHORT FILM

Equal to the Tao Te Ching is the great Taoist text known as the Zhuangzi, attributed the great sage Zhuangzi. One of the chapters in the Zhuangzi text is the story of Robber Zhi and Confucius. This passage tests our spiritual understanding of Taoism and essentially reveals any biased moral motivations we may still be holding onto. The chapter itself is one of the least understood and known because of its peculiar nature. But the problem is in how one should understand this chapter. Many took this story for fact and others couldn’t understand it because of their own sense of morality, all missing the beauty of its teachings. This short film exposes the nature of the story is a parody, essentially designed to test your embodiment of the Taoist mind and way of life. Zhuangzi wants to breakdown all of your unnatural conditioning and thrust you back into the real world which is beyond socialization. The words of Zhuangzi are expertly translated by the great Sinologist and writer Burton Watson and narrated by myself.

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