Why Measuring Infinity Leads to False Truth

In this podcast, we will explore the problems we encounter when we investigate infinity with our finite minds. Scientists, philosophers, and spiritual teachings all attempt to measure infinity in their own way. We’ve established many wide-ranging conceptual frameworks to explain the nature of reality, but the problem is, all are just different viewpoints and perspectives of the one ultimate reality. We use words like consciousness to explain the nature of reality, but are we just reporting first person experiences and superimposing them onto the entire universe? Is this just a human centric perspective? Even though, we cannot get outside consciousness itself, does that mean that it is the fabric of reality? What would happen to the world if all of our conceptual frameworks died with us? Would the world go on, essentially making all of our philosophizing essentially useless and false, or is consciousness and the universe as mutual as Yin and Yang as explained in the great Eastern maxim “The universe produces consciousness and consciousness evokes the universe?”

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