Why Religious Conversion is a Problem in India and the Rest of the World

In this episode of Enlightenment Today, I will speak about why religious conversion is a problem in the world, especially in countries such as India. For thousands of years, some religions have traveled the world in an attempt to convert people from other parts of the world to bolster their religion’s influence over the world. These religious conquests have often led to conflict and violence, not to mention the psychological damage it has had on other cultures not accustomed to foreign beliefs. Religious conversion itself is a subtle act of violence because it is an instrument used to interfere with other cultures. So why has religious conversion never been questioned openly? Why do some religions feel inadequate and so need to gain followers? Why are some religions under the illusion that their belief system is better than any other? All of this is due to a persistent psychological problem that is linked to survival and, hence, not very spiritual at all. Ultimately, this is a history of fanatical force over the natural way of the world.

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