Why Spirituality Doesn’t Need Scientific Validation

In this podcast, we will explain if spirituality needs scientific validation. A lot of spiritual teachers sing praise of their tradition and spiritual path when science validates some of their ancient spiritual knowledge. But why is it so important for science to validate spirituality’s thousands of years of extensive exploration into the nature of consciousness and the universe? Science is essentially the new game in town in regards to the exploration of consciousness and the universe. Why don’t science accept the thousands of years of accumulative knowledge gained in Eastern spirituality specifically? The reason is that science itself has its own set of beliefs based on matter is everything, even above and beyond consciousness. This scientific worldview is diametrically opposed to Eastern spirituality because the worldview of the great Eastern traditions is that consciousness is fundamental. This one opposing view and a lot more are what we will unpack in this podcast. Science has its own worldview by which it judges everything, but how does that apply to the great Eastern spiritual traditions which are complete systems in and of themselves. Does spirituality need scientific validation? Find out.

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