Why Study is Crucial for Spiritual Growth and Maturity

In this episode of Enlightenment Today, I will explain why intellectual study is crucial for spiritual growth and maturity. There are a growing number of people interested in spirituality who are under the illusion that they don’t need to intellectually understand the tradition they are attracted to. This has developed due to the misinterpretations of classical texts through bad translations, resulting in a deep misunderstanding, usually based on someones cultural biases, beliefs, and cognitive style. Such misunderstandings in part happened as a result of the migration of Eastern philosophy to the West, leading to the materialistically driven and overly sensationalistic new age spirituality that has become popular. A user’s manual is important for anything we want to understand deeply, spirituality is no exception. Theory and practice have always been the core of the great Eastern traditions, no matter whether it is Hinduism, Buddhism, or Taoism. These three traditions, specifically, explain that if an individual has no frame of reference, then there is no way one could understand the deep wisdom and meditative experiences passed down through these traditions. Find out why study is crucial.

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