Why the Self Help Industry Won’t Improve Your Life and How Eastern Spirituality Will

In this podcast, we will explore why self-help and motivation doesn’t transform ourselves or alleviate psychological problems and how Eastern spirituality actually does create the change we are longing for. In a world suffering from an exponential growth in stress, anxiety, depression, and suicide, many people are turning to self-help and motivational gurus to hopefully pull them out of the darkness. But what we are now seeing after years of confidence in the self-help industry is a suppression of the real spiritual work that is needed to realize true happiness and contentment. That is why many are realizing the pitfalls in the self-help industry and are turning towards Eastern spirituality for a deeper exploration of oneself. So instead of tinkering with your life with self-help to adapt to the social game so that you can become a “successful” player, Eastern spirituality is telling you to give the game up altogether and find out what is fundamentally true within the universe because the game itself is rigged and only leads to suffering.

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