ZEN KOANS | The Riddles that Stupefy the Mind and Evoke Enlightenment

In this podcast, we will explore the famous Zen riddles known as Koans and why they facilitate enlightenment. One of the bad habits both East and West is the general thinking of life in a rational linear way. Zen Buddhism, on the other hand, is focused on the present moment where time and thinking evaporate. The Zen way essentially is an embrace of the irrational outside conventional logic. Koans best describe this attitude, as these riddles have the power to transform us and actually evoke enlightenment. What appears as utter buffoonery practiced by a bunch of buffoons actually is something incredibly deep that we will all experience when we allow Zen Koans to stop our minds activity dead in its tracks. Be prepared to dive deep and experience a reality that is the essential world beyond the world of form.

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