Zhuangzi on Oneness (learn to see the infinite in life)

In this episode of Enlightenment Today I will explain Zhuangzi’s natural philosophy of oneness. This is the ability to perceive the infinite in all things, which allows us to experientially feel the actual unity of life deep within our heart-mind. This is the Daoist (Taoist) vision of the universe which runs counter to the Western trained cognition of individualism and partiality. Zhuangzi explains how our analytical training blinds us to the oneness of the universe and this problem is only becomes worse because of analytical focused education. This is Zhuangzi’s natural understanding that life exists with no labels and the analytical training to discern between “this” and “that” is a human flaw which leads to a subjective viewpoint of right and wrong, and good and evil, which we all superimpose onto an objective reality which is actually the same for all. This incorrect perception is the seed of all conflict. To see reality as it truly is, in its infinite oneness, Zhuangzi advises us to fast the mind. Only then will our mind be cleansed and, as a result, the world will be at peace.

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