ALAN WATTS | His Remarkable Life and Teachings

In this podcast, we will explore the life and teachings of Alan Watts. Since the counterculture movement of the 60’s and 70’s there is no voice from that period more widely heard or read than Alan Watts, especially since the birth of social media. But Alan’s voice is often known only in soundbites and not many people in the modern world actually know the origins of his teachings or anything about the remarkable life he lived. What did Alan really know and understand? Should we invest our time in that same knowledge to reach the depths of understanding Alan came to? When we peel the curtain back there is much more to the legend of Alan Watts than meets the eye.

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  1. Jean Marie Guilfoil - February 18, 2021

    Hi Jason!

    Hey, just checking if you will be posting your latest podcast on iTunes? The last posting was 26 Dec and so your last couple are not up? Love to listen…

    I’d LOVE to have you on my podcast to talk about fasting the mind and your insights about reality! I’ve just started and have a year of deep mystical exploration planned.

    Let me know if you’d like to talk with me! Thanks Jason, Jean Marie

    • Jason Gregory - March 5, 2021

      Always a pleasure to hear from you, Jean Marie. I have just started to put up my podcast again on iTunes. You will see them regularly uploaded. Nice to hear you have a podcast. Send me the information to my email. At the moment though I am not doing any interviews, I’m just way too busy. But in the future I’m sure I will jump back on the horse. Best to you my friend.

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