BRAHMAN & TAO | The Ultimate Reality Beyond God

When Westerners hear about the ultimate reality within Eastern philosophy and spirituality, they often confuse it with the idea of God. But the ultimate reality in the East is not a creator who is judging our lives according to a set of beliefs. The ultimate reality in the East is related to the way of nature and it is the substratum of the universe, a supreme consciousness that is eternal and dwells within all of our beings as one. This substratum has been termed Brahman and Tao, which many people have heard me mention and at times explain in my videos. In this episode of Ask Jason, I will answer a few questions regarding the nature of Brahman and Tao, what are they? Are they the same? Are they in any way related to the Abrahamic religious understanding of God? All will be revealed.

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  1. Agata - June 4, 2021

    A wonderful work Jason. You explain it very well in simple terms and with good examples…if Tao can be put in words at all :).
    I know it experientially and it’s becoming more and more difficult to exist on a daily basis in this complex, complicated society with Yang dominance and severe insufficiency of Yin. The more people are doing the more messy the world become. We are heading for a disaster by doing…

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