ENERGY VAMPIRES: Who Are They and How to Protect Yourself Against Them

In this episode of Enlightenment Today, I will explain who are energy vampires and how to protect yourself against them. We’ve all encountered energy vampires in our life, where our energy reserves are depleted in their presence. I will define the characteristics and behaviors of an energy vampire so that you can identify them early in the process of a friendship/relationship. As a result, you will be able to skillfully edit them out of your life without having your spiritual progress hindered.

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  1. Shelley Jo Graham - December 17, 2019

    Thank you Jason, this was what I had to cut away on my journey, as I picked before incarnation.
    First from my birth family, narcissistists.
    Then I married into a narcissisistic karmic situation with my Devine partner, and finally broke away from my in-laws after 17 yrs of OMG evil, in 2017
    Now I will as a Energy sensitive intuitive Empath, that has endured so much and healed.
    I can help others on my past going through similar situations and experiences.
    Thank you for all you do.
    Ôm Šhanti
    Shelley Jo Graham

    • Jason Gregory - December 17, 2019

      Shelley a pleasure to hear from you. I’m glad you got a lot out of this video. Also I’m stoked that you are moving in a positive direction after going through so much. That is great news my friend. Shanti.

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