NEW DOCUMENTARY OUT NOW – The Art of Synchronicity (Taoist Documentary)

I’m excited to announce my new documentary, The Art of Synchronicity, is out now and available for all of my wonderful newsletter subscribers.

Watch The Art of Synchronicity HERE

Synchronicity cannot be experienced unless one is faithful to the processes of the unconscious. What we assume to be unconscious contains the greatest potential within its incomprehensibility. The unconscious is never considered to be a reality of our existence, so it is cast off as a useless preoccupation of the spiritually confused. But that “useless” unconscious conspires with fate in bringing to life the miracle of synchronicity and a relationship with Tao. In The Art of Synchronicity, I will dive deep into the heart of this unconscious conspiracy to reveal the origin of synchronicity itself.

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  1. Lucy Fox - October 6, 2022

    Hello! I’m new to your books. I am half way Thru fasting the mind and am just so deeply moved, connected & revived. I just ordered two more of your books so am looking forward to learning more….. baby steps.
    I’m writing today to say thank you! Also, to share that your book has inspired me to return to an old annual ritual I performed throughout my 20s… A silent retreat in our very rural Virginia riverside family home. Busy life career etc pushed me away from the annual event but I’m now ready to start it up again. Over the years in order to hold on to the river house we had to put it on Airbnb. What’s awesome about this….. it is totally ready to host a retreat! I have contacted a Buddhist llama based in DC who is willing to join me (he did a 9month silent stretch). I wonder if you would consider joining us? I’m hoping we could make it happen in Feb or march for 7-10 days. Just a thought… can’t hurt to ask. If VA is too far, Maybe you would consider joining us via zoom to give us an introduction before we start our mind fasting journey? I’ll send a link to the Airbnb next….. I have a feeling you will feel the connection….. it is a deeply peaceful place on a pristine river that wraps the property in an V shape providing water views from every room.
    Lastly, I am a psychoanalytic psychotherapist who trained in Australia among other places….. you can imagine how this book may be blowing my mind! I’m so grateful and enthusiastic about it!!! Thanks so much for your writing! Sincerely, Lucy

    • Jason Gregory - March 15, 2023

      A pleasure to meet you, Lucy. Thank you for all of your kind words. I’m so happy you are enjoying Fasting the Mind. It truly means a lot. Thank you for inviting me to come to Virginia. I would love to come one day. At the moment, I am in India and will be on the road for a bit. I hope you are enjoying all of my books. Thank you.

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