Shankara Explains How to See God

The Sacred Word is a new series about the great masters, sages, and texts of the East. I aim to give thorough explanations of some the deepest teachings expounded by the great masters, sages, and classical texts of the East. In this series you will find clarity on these deep teachings to benefit your own spiritual development. In episode one, we will explore Shankara’s teaching on how to see the true nondual nature of the Godhead (Brahman). Shankara’s view of reality is one of the deepest we can find from the great annals of spiritual and philosophical literature. He had an amazing ability to articulate the true meaning the Upanishads, and how the depth of Hindu knowledge boils down to how our ordinary perception of the world and ourselves is in fact an illusion. Shankara holds the the key for cleansing our misperception.

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