Taoism vs Christianity – Why Religious Conversion is Against Nature

In this podcast, we will explain the differences between the Taoist path of non-interference and the path of interference through religious conversion within Christianity. The path of conversion is a doctrinal privilege within some religions based on demographic swamping, which is diametrically opposed to the non-expansionist views of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. This doctrinal privilege has caused a lot of bloodshed for thousands of years and, as a result, continually undermines and belittles other cultures and spiritual traditions. While, on the other hand, the Eastern traditions have followed the path of non-force and don’t have any doctrinal privilege based on demographic swamping. The Eastern traditions are based on nature, peace, and ultimate liberation from the illusion of a separate self, which requires us to understand that the way of the Tao (or in finding God for a Christian) is discovered in following the path of least resistance and not forcing a cultural viewpoint upon others. But the problem we have continually encountered in the world is when will such outdated views of conversion actually listen to other cultures and spiritual traditions, without projecting their own dogmatic beliefs upon them based on their outdated doctrinal privilege. Can we listen to each other without the veils of conditioning to allow the world to be as it should be, without any interference?

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