The Sacred Yatra Experience

The Sacred Yatra Experience is an ultimate pilgrimage of the spiritual traditions of Asia. In Sanskrit, Yatra means a journey to sacred places that are especially important for one’s spiritual evolution. My goal is to take as many people to these amazing locations to facilitate a deeper exploration of oneself. The Sacred Yatra Experience traverses some of the most important regions and holy sites of Asia so that one can have an intimate experience with the cultures that gave rise to the evolution of spirituality in Asia. Tracing the footsteps of the ancient sages is important for a spiritual seeker to understand the culture and land such spirituality came from, to ultimately change your own mind on a fundamental level. The Sacred Yatra Experience will initially have 5 tours for each spiritual seeker to complete, with an additional 3 in the future. The initial 5 Yatras are to be completed at one’s own speed over several years. Each tour will depend on the time of year for the best weather in each location. There might be several tours a year to one location or a few, depending on demand. Each tour would likely be capped at 10 people, possibly more. The 5 initial tours are:

South India – Footsteps of Shiva Tour
North India – Footsteps of the Buddha Tour
Sri Lanka – Footsteps of Arhat Tour
Northern Thailand – Footsteps of the Hermit Sage Tour
Kathmandu, Nepal – Footsteps of the Himalayan Yogi Tour

There is no order in which these tours will happen or are to be completed. As I said, they will happen depending on the best weather in each location. Tour one will hopefully begin at the end of 2022 or at the latest early 2023. Completing each tour is one step closer to completing The Sacred Yatra of Asia. With every step on a pilgrimage, we go deeper within on the spiritual path. This is the science behind the purpose of Yatra.

Please contact me personally via the contact page to express your interest and the tour you would like to attend first. Whichever tour gains the most interest will be the first tour. The people who contact me privately will be put on a priority list and you will be contacted about the first tour before it becomes advertised publicly.

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  1. Bb - May 6, 2022

    Jason I am grateful for your wisdom and knowledge. I am happy to see you are conducting pilgrims and would be interested to attend with you on a yantra. I have been on pilgrimage to India with vipassana org. Pariyatti. So I would vote for sri Lanka, thailand, or Katmandu to be first. Please keep me in the loop . Be happy metta
    Billie b

  2. Jeroen - May 2, 2022

    Hi Jason, Very inspiring initiative. I would like to start in the south of India.

    Best wishes,

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