Who is PATANJALI and What is YOGA? | The Mind Science Behind Yoga

In this podcast, we will explain the mind science behind yoga that informs a large portion of the philosophies and spiritual practices of the East. The mind science of the East is explained thoroughly in the 196 observations on the nature of consciousness known classically as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. We will explain the first eleven sutras which is the first episode of the 196 Meditations of the Yoga Sutras, a new series where we explore each sutra. We will dissect the first eleven to give you ultimate clarity on the meaning of these sutras. This series is extremely important for those interested in the nature of consciousness.

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  1. Rick Sachse - July 25, 2021

    Hi Jason

    What would you recommend for study of the 8 limbs specifically? I may not even know what I am asking, lol. But I am really taken with the order and structure of those 8 limbs and sub limbs. I think in workbook style fashion and my way of study is to write workbooks. Audio and paper books as well.

    Also, your style of teaching is very pleasant and well understood, which allows your presentation to look “easy” like anyone could do it. I know what it takes for someone to master their field of interest, and deliver truth in such a wonderful way.

    As I live in America, my hope is to meet you soon.
    Peace to you both, Rick & Annette

    • Jason Gregory - July 26, 2021

      Hi Rick and Annette. Thank you for your kind words. I deeply appreciate them. As for the eight limbs, I would recommend The Eight Limbs of Yoga: A Handbook for Living Yoga Philosophy by Stuart Ray Sarbacker and Kevin Kimple. It is a great little book. Then, you might want to grab yourself The Yoga Tradition by Georg Feuerstein, as it has a lot of information on the eight limbs and is what I would refer to as a Yoga textbook. Enjoy my friends.

  2. JACQUES JULIES - July 22, 2021

    Hi Since i started with your book Art of effortless living, i can notice changes in my day to day life. i started moving with trust, not knowing what the next moment will bring. Meditation becomes easy not a struggle. I would like to know if i use mudras am i using force or following a natural way of nature?

    • Jason Gregory - July 26, 2021

      Jacques your comment was truly wonderful. Thank you my friend. I’m so thrilled that your mediation practice is not a struggle anymore. The use of mudras are optional. It all depends on if they feel right as opposed to forcing them which may disturb your practice. But I wouldn’t overthink that. Just enjoy your meditation practice without analyzing it.

  3. Mike Beitler - July 18, 2021

    Jason thanks for reminding us about the great value of Patanjali’s Yoga. Here in America when somebody says “yoga,” we picture the silly yoga studios on every corner where people try to impress each other with how long they can hold a pose. Don’t even get me started on the leotards and tight pants. Ha ha. Mike B

    • Jason Gregory - July 19, 2021

      Haha, yeah those damn leotards and tight pants, trying to look cooler than everyone else. It surely is exhausting. If only they knew how silly they look in the eyes of the actual tradition.

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