Why the World is Not Real (What is Maya?)

In this podcast, we will explore if the world is an illusion. One of the most ancient spiritual concepts is the Sanskrit Maya, which is often translated as illusion in the sense of the material world we see. But this translation was from Europeans new to Hindu knowledge and, as a result, was translated according to a European perspective that is mainly Christian. To understand such concepts as Maya, we have to understand them from the Hindu perspective and worldview. In saying all of that, Maya is the knowledge that the world is not real, but not the world you think of. The illusion of Maya is much more subtle. What is the illusion of Maya the Hindus have been speaking about for thousands of years?

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  1. rik kamerik - December 17, 2020

    Great video that clarifies the human nature as it is, not as we impose it to be. Our identifications stand in the way of a harmonious society and is the root of our problems. How to understand this is perfectly explained by Jason.

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