Advaita Vedanta

In this episode of Enlightenment Today we will explore Advaita Vedanta (nondualism). Advaita Vedanta is a school of Hindu philosophy and the oldest extant sub-school of Vedanta in India. We explain the wisdom of Advaita Vedanta and the benefits of its practice, as well as the common pitfalls that hinder many people who are interested in this path. A lot of modern day spirituality is built on the back of Advaita Vedanta. In this episode we will come to understand that a lot of the misinterpretations of nonduality and oneness in the modern day stem from this philosophy being applied to our life with no real understanding of what the nondual experience is. This video seeks to dispel all myths surrounding this beautiful philosophy to hopefully reveal the authentic view of the nondual reality which is eclipsed within all of us due to the identification with the content and activity within our mind. Advaita Vedanta is the spiritual wisdom that we can be completely free in this life.


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