How to Meditate Properly: The Ultimate Guide to Meditation

Meditating properly requires a lot more than closing our eyes and observing our thoughts. Meditation actually requires a complete transformation of our lifestyle to cultivate concentration so that we can harvest a deeper level of meditation. To achieve the ultimate benefit from meditation we need a philosophy and expert techniques to teach us how to concentrate deeply on the object of meditation, until that object disappears, revealing our true nature which is the reason we are supposed to meditate in the first place. In this meditation tutorial, I will teach you how to meditate properly through the philosophy behind meditation and the ancient meditation techniques we should follow to experience the ultimate meditative state of samadhi.

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  1. Harry - December 9, 2021

    What about music during meditation. Is it helpful? I normally listen to different sound waves like “tesla” 452 hz for example. Or the “ohm” sound with the stimulating vibrations. Is that acceptable? Or is complete silence the best? I’m fairly new at this but want to find out what the best thing is for meditation

    • Jason Gregory - December 14, 2021

      Great to hear from you, Harry. Certain sounds can be helpful, but at the end of the day silent meditation is what you need to be progressing into. If you go to a monastery or ashram, it is all silent meditation.

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