I Meditated Every Day For 10 Years & This Is What Happened To Me

I have been meditating every day for over 10 years. Meditation has changed my life more than anything else. This commitment I made to myself over 10 years ago is the main reason I have done what I have in my life thus far. Grounding myself in that daily practice has strengthened my resolve in the work that I do. But there has been times when I’ve dragged myself out of bed kicking and screaming in trying to avoid my daily practice, but they are usually the most opportune moments to sit and dive deep. I have learned so much that it is hard to articulate. However, in this episode of Enlightenment Today, I will try to articulate my experience and share with you the changes that will happen to your mind and also the 18 ways that meditation will transform and improve not only your own life, but also the immediate world around you.

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