New Merchandise at 10% off for You

I’ve been asked by many of you about merchandise. Many have expressed that there are no quality spiritual designs about the great traditions. Well, I agree and thought I’d try my hand at designing some merchandise for all of the community. This first design I created is dedicated to the great Taoist sage Zhuangzi and it highlights his deepest wisdom. The Zhuangzi design is available in a few styles and several colors for both men and women and there are two styles of hoodies available as well. This is only the first design and I will work on some more in the future when I have time between creating YouTube content and writing. To celebrate this first design, I have a special discount of 10% off for all of the community and I will run this from now up until Christmas.

Hit the following link and add the promo code TAO33 to get 10% discount on any item

Remember, in any way you support my work contributes to the evolution of my YouTube channel and future books, so your love and support are deeply appreciated.

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