The Power of Renunciation in a Crazy World

In this podcast, we will explore the path and practice of renunciation in the Eastern spiritual traditions. Renouncing the world is often thought of negatively by people who feel we should acquiesce to a role and be part of society. But the problem with this form of social submission is it is counterproductive to one’s spiritual process if one has not been sufficiently trained in the meditative practices and philosophy of any of the great Eastern traditions. Essentially, socialization impedes spiritual progress. This is why the great masters headed for the mountains to live in harmony with nature. But it was not only this form of renunciation that was a central practice in the East because in the end, the ultimate renunciation of worldliness is an internal process that begins when we begin to renounce our own mind, which coincidentally is the world. Find out how your mind is the world.

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