Why Life is Suffering | Eastern vs Western Happiness

In this podcast, we will explain why life is suffering and how suffering itself contains one of the greatest lessons in life. The Buddha 2,500 years ago explained that life is suffering, but also he gave us a roadmap to eradicate suffering to experience ultimate liberation. This lesson has not been taken onboard nor become ingrained in the psyche of humanity because we are not learning the lessons that suffering is teaching us due to one type of happiness that has us chasing fleeting moments of happiness. When you chase happiness based on temporality, then you’ll suffer. But happiness is not something that is given, suffering is on the other hand. But happiness is a state of consciousness when we accept suffering and do the spiritual work to understand and eradicate it. The real power of suffering is how it leads to empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and ultimately unassociated love. This power can be harnessed if we truthfully understand our own suffering which allows us to empathize with the suffering of others in the world around us.

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